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1 day

Arrival to the airport of Madrid. Transfer to Castilla y Leon.

Ribera del Duero achieved the status DO in 1982. Ribera del Duero mostly produces the red wine.  Ribera del Duero means “the coasts of Duero” (the river that crosses the board with the northern Portugal). The region occupies a part of the central highland of Spain, so that the vineyards are located high (700-850 m above the sea level).

The local grape sort “Tempranillo” gives excellent and complex red wines (which amazing both when young and mature).

Transfer to Ribera del Duero – the main center of wine-making (red wines) in Spain, where we will visit the wine museum in the medieval castle of the Х century called Peñafiel. There is an ultra-modern wine cellar of the XXI century “Protos” at the foot of the castle. This place has regularly received international awards for its wines since 1927. You will visit the wine cellar and taste the wines of Ribera del Duero. We will go down to the “inner sanctum”- karst caves, where the best wines of the region are maintained in the barrels and taste them.

Lunch at the restaurant of traditional Castile kitchen (additional charge).

Transfer to Vallaloid, accommodation at the modern boutique-hotel “El Coloquio de los perros” **** in the city center.

Free time for rest.

Optionally: tapas-tour in Vallaloid, dinner at the restaurant.

 2 day

Today we will visit D.O. Toro.

Toro Denominacion de Origen (or just D.O. Toro) borders on the other wine region of Castilla y Leon- D.O. Rueda.

On the opposite side, about 40 km from Zamora, there is a border with Portugal. Despite such a close neighborhood, this country didn’t have any impact on the winemaking of Toro, impregnated with the culture of Castile. The local wines fully reflect a distinctive style of the population. They are characterized by richness and explosive fruity taste.

On the way, we will visit the city of Tordesillas, where “Tratado de Tordesillas” (the agreement between Spain and Portugal about the division of America) was signed in 1494.

Then we will go to the winery “Liberalia”, the traditional wine cellar “DO Toro”, where we will visit the specialist of “bodega”. Wine tasting.

Our next stop will be the restaurant of the winery “Divina Proporcion”, where the guests will be offered the lunch of 5 traditional dishes of Zamora in combination with the best wines of the cellar.

After the lunch, you will visit one of the most beautiful castles of Castile, Spain and the whole Europe – Castillo de la Mota.

Castillo de la Mota got its name due to its location on the hill with the same name, towering over the plateau of Castile. Since ancient times, the hill La Mota has been used to protect the settlements, founded in various epochs (starting with the Iron Age). The first pages of the history of Castillo de la Mota date back to the XIII century, when King Alfonso III ordered to build the fortress, protected by the deep trench, on the hill. The castle was built directly on the ruins of the former Moorish Palace, which towered here two centuries before the emergence of the castle.

Return to the hotel of Vallaloid, free time for rest.

 3 day

DO Rueda: Rueda has the exceptional natural resources for making the high-quality wines. The local winemakers specialize in the dry white wine (mostly from Verdejo).

Verdejo has a unique smell, the fruit notes and herbal tints, as well as an excellent level of acidity. The key factor in evaluating the great wines from Verdejo is their extensive fruit taste and a light bitterness in the aftertaste. These wines are very harmonious and easy to drink.

Today we will visit one of the best wineries of Rueda – “Yllera”, where we will visit the wine museum “Ariadne’s thread” and winery. Wine tasting and lunch at the restaurant of the winery.

After the lunch- transfer to Logroño, accommodation at the “Hotel los Bracos” **** at the heart of Logroño.

After some rest, we will have a tour of the historical part of Logroño; pinchos-tour in the legendary bar street “Laurel” (snacks and drinks are paid separately).

 4 day

 Rioja is the most famous and flourishing wine-making region of Spain. For many wine lovers, “Rioja” is a synonym for Spanish wine as such.

Rioja is one of the most flourishing regions of Spain, situated in northern Spain (in the valley of Ebro River). The smallest autonomous region of Spain has a great landscape, flora and fauna.

Rioja consists of seven pretty valleys, crossed by the shallow rivers and fully covered with vineyards. This location creates the special microclimate: the mountains protect vineyards from the cold wines, and the numerous rivers protect the vines from the possible freezing.

 We leave the hotel of Logroño. We will devote this day to the wine region of Spain – La Rioja.

Our first stop will be the famous winery called “Bodegas Roda”. The task of this winery is to reflect the wealth of tastes of the wine sorts Tempranillo, Graciano and Grenache and discover the unique characteristics of the local terroir.

The idea of creating the modern wine factory started to be realized in 1991, and in 2001 its building was finished. The symbol of winery is thistle — the hardy plant, typical for the local landscapes, which lives long after cutting. This flower reflected the essence of the dry red wines, produced in “Bodegas Roda”.

You will visit the winery “Bodegas Roda” and taste its wines.

Then we will go to the vineyard “Bodega Vivanco” and its famous wine museum. You will participate in the wine tasting. After that, the guests will have lunch at the wine restaurants, offering the menu with maridaje (“Wine Cooking”).


Transfer to Laguardia, accommodation at the SPA-hotel “Villa Laguardia” ****.


After a small rest, you’ll have a tour of the medieval city-fortress Laguardia, founded by the Kingdom of Navarre in the distant X century.


Rest at the hotel, during which you can enjoy SPA-procedures and swimming pool of the hotel.

 5 day

 Today we will visit the famous “bodega” Marques de Riscal, made by one of the best modern architects, where you’ll participate in the wine tasting. Then the guests will have lunch at the wine restaurant.

In the afternoon, we will visit the greatest and the most avant-garde city of the Basque Country – Bilbao.

 Transfer and location at the hotel “AbAndo” **** in the heart of Bilbao.

We will have a walking tour of the city of modern culture and architecture. You will learn the legends and myths of the Basque Country and plunge into the culture and customs of this old and mysterious nation of Europe. In Bilbao, you will get to know the amazing castles of “la Belle Époque” and, of course, the miracle of architecture of the XXI century – Guggenheim Museum.

Free time and rest.

6 day

 Free day in Bilbao to enjoy the city walks and visit the Guggenheim Museum and, of course, the best shops, where you can buy the international brands and the clothes from the leading Spanish designers.

 7 day

 Departure from Bilbao.


Visit to the winery “Lopez de Heredia”, which the population of Ardo (the capital of La Rioja Alta) often calls “the cathedral of wine”.

Today we will visit this winery, built in the vanguard of the modern architecture and its technologies and, of course, taste its best wines.


Tasting dinner in the winery of Baigorri.

After the lunch, we will make a stop in Burgos and make a small walking tour of the city, where the Catholic Kings welcomed Christopher Columbus after discovering America. In 2013, Burgos was proudly recognized the Gastronomic Capital of Spain.

Transfer to Segovia. Accommodation at the hotel of Segovia. In the evening, we will walk around Segovia — the wonderful city with unique architecture and fairy castle. The most interesting building is the Roman aqueduct. This city is included in the World Heritage List of UNESCO.

During the excursion, you will see many attractions, such as: Alcazar, Catedral de Asuncion San Frutos and, of course, the city symbol- Roman aqueduct.

8 day

Departure from Segovia and transfer to the airport of Madrid. Flight home.

Basic price starts from 1505 euro per person in 1/2 DBL BB.  Please, request your persomalized quote stating your group size, preferable dates of travel and any other relevant details.

The price includes:

– Accommodation at the hotels 4* with breakfasts,

– Transport for all the transfers and excursions included in the program,

– Service of the guide during all the transfers and excursions,

– Visit to all the wineries, included in the program,

– Lunch at the wine restaurants:

Divina Proporcion (D.O. Toro)

Yllera (Hilo de Ariadna) (D.O. Rueda)

Vivanco, tasting menu Wine Cooking (D.O. Rioja)

Marqués de Riscal, menu Riscal (D.O. Rioja)

Baigorri, tasting menu (D.O. Rioja)

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