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Club format tour offering real immersion experience into the lifestyle pf Galicia.

Recommended group size: 12-15 pax

Tour itinerary:  Silleda-Tui-Baiona-Vigo-Cambados-Combarro-Pontevedra-Santiago de Compostela-La Coruña-Ribeira Sacra-Portomarin-Sarria

Recommended flight destination: Santiago de Compostela (SCQ), Vigo (VGO), or Madrid-Barajas (MAD)+group transfer to Silleda

Beautiful journey to one of the mysterious regions of Spain—Galicia. The aroma of a cedar wood, balsamic notes of eucalyptus, salty smell of the ocean tide—these are all Galicia. The taste of Galicia is rich, hearty, full of cheese, elegant wines and queimada—shared traditional punch-style alcoholic beverage which is burnt before it is served.

We invite you take part in an adventurous journey over the most beautiful and mysterious parts of Galicia.  The group will be accommodated at a pazo galllego—real Galician traditional estate surrounded by emerald woods. The Galicians consider themselves the descendants of Celtoiberic tribes native to the Iberian peninsula, so that makes their culture rather interesting and attractive.

During our 8-day journey we are going to visit 4 Galician provinces, taste local delicacies and wines. We are going to travel and dine in a good company sharing our experience with generous hosts.


Day 1

Arrival to the airport, meeting with the guide, transfer to the estate in Galicia, acquaintance with the hosts, communal welcome dinner.

Overnight stay at the estate.


Day 2

Communal breakfast. Today we are going to explore the province of Pontevedra. Our first point on the route will be the town Tui situated on the boarder of Spain and Portugal. We’re going to see the St. Mary’s Cathedral dated XIIth century built as a smaller scale imitation of the Santiago Cathedral.  We’ll take a walk through the historic streets of Tui, see the old mansions of the local aristocracy and learn the history of the town.

As we are traveling today in the region of Rias Baixas—the lower rivers—we’ll make a stop for an unusual visit to the archeological site of Castro de Sana Trega. The site is dated 1000BC, when the first town-like pre-roman settlements already existed in the West of the Iberian peninsula.

Leaving Castro de Santa Trega we’ll be heading to Baiona, a beautiful town on the Atlantic coast and a famous point on the pilgrimage route known as St. James Way.  After a nice guided walk through the streets of Baiona we’ll go down to the Old Town of Vigo, see the fishermen quarter of Berbes, the old fortress, suspension bridge, Garcia Barbon theatre, Chapel de la Gia, and the castle-museum of Quiniones de Leon.

Return to the estate. Time for rest, communal dinner.

Overnight stay at the estate.


Day 3

Communal breakfast.  Today we continue to explore the beauty of Pontevedra and go to the natural park of Lago de Castineiras following the watermill route.  We’ll make a stop at the viewpoint of Cotorredondo, see the church of San Martino de Moana, one of the masterpieces of the Galician Romanesque architecture of the XIIth century AD.

We enter the city of Pontevedra and make a stop for a lunch. 

We’ll take tour over the old quarters of Pontevedra, see the Pilgrims’ square, St. Mary of the Pilgrims Chapel, Monastery of San Francisco de Pontevedra, the sculpture of Ravanchol the parrot and etc.

Return to the estate. Time for rest, communal dinner.

Overnight stay at the estate.


Day 4

Communal breakfast.  Today we are going to visit the fishermen land.  We’ll be visiting the small towns situated in the delta of the Arousa river where the shell-fish catchers bring their draught. *For the summer tour we offer a half-day adventure on the coasts of the Arousa’s delta with the shellfish-catcher who will teach the group his skills and show the peculiarities of the coastal life.  For the cold season we offer the seafood bars surfing or a boat-ride along the Arousa river with freshly caught and cooked mussels with albariño wine.

For the lunch, we go to a traditional tavern where the assortment of the seafood and fish menu from today´s draught is offered.

After the lunch, we head to a picturesque village of Combarro.  The appearance of the streets and seaside quarters remain the same for the past 200 years. One of the features of Combarro is horreo, better to say many of them, stone barns on the pillars originally used for the grain storage and reminding us of fairy-tale houses.

Later today we´ll be visiting real Galician manor surrounded by a unique botanic garden.  We´ll take a tour around the gardens, visit the palace-like house, meet the owner and take a sip of an alabriño white wine, produced at the estate under the regulation of DO Rias Baixas.

Return to the estate. Time for rest, communal dinner.

Overnight stay at the estate.


Day 5

Communal breakfast. Today the whole day we´ll be dedicated to the history of European spiritual pilgrimage. We´re going to visit Santiago de Compostela—the final point of the St. James Way pilgrimage route, known and used for more than 10 centuries.  We’ll be visiting the Cathedral, taking a tour around the Old Town, its streets and hidden corners. You will hear the legend of the finding of the relics of one of the first disciples of Jesus Christ–Apostle James the Greater, son of Zebedee, brother of Apostole John.

After the lunchtime you will have free time to take a walk on your own and get acquainted with the spirit of Santiago—the town of Catholic priests, international students community, tourists and the worldwide center of pilgrimage. You may see the beautiful  of Santo Domingo de Bonaval and the Monasteries of San Martin de Pinario and San Pelayo.

Return to the estate. Time for rest, communal dinner.

Overnight stay at the estate.


Day 6

Communal breakfast.  Today we are heading to the coastal Galician province of La Coruña.  Our first point on the route will be traditional cheese dairy. We’ll meet the cheesemaker, learn the secrets of Galician cheese making style and taste different varieties of cheese.

After that we arrive to La Coruna, coastal city known for its Hercules Tower-the ancient lighthouse, glass facades of the houses facing the bay, and the spectacular square of Maria Pita with its beautiful architecture, spiritual purport of the magnificent churches of San Jorge and Santiago.

We will make tour around the Old Town and then continue along the promenade to modern quarters, no less attractive to the visitors. You will also see the family house of Pablo Picasso where he spent some early years learning to draw.

Return to the estate. Time for rest, communal dinner.


Day 7

Communal breakfast. Today we’ll be heading to the wine making region of Ribera Sacra situated in Galician province of Lugo. The winemaking zone is spread over the banks of the river Miño and its inflow the river Sil. You will see beautiful green terraces of the vineyards, making a stop at a viewpoint, then visit the winery, called ‘bodeg’a in Spanish, learn the difference between the wines produced in different zones of Galicia and taste the red and white of the Ribera Sacra DO.

We’ll have lunch at the Bodega and then continue to the region of Sarria and Puertomarin—the two really famous stages of the pilgrimage route of St. James. This zone is interesting for the unique collection of the early Romanesque architecture well preserved here. You will also feel the spirit of pilgrimage their and probably meet modern day pilgrims heading to Santiago de Compostela.

We return to our home estate, where traditional Galician farewell dinner will be waiting for us. Overnight stay at the estate.


Day 8

Communal breakfast. Free time. Transfer to the airport. End of the tour. Flight back home.

The Price includes:

–             8 days/7 nights stay at a traditional Basque villa or estate in the vicinity of San Sebastian,

–             Breakfasts and dinners at the villa,

–             2 lunches and 2 wine-tastings,

–             Group transfers,

–             Transportation and excursions on a comfortable bus,

–             Full guide service of a licensed English-speaking guide (the language of instruction could be changed on demand),

–             Headphone systems for outside excursions.


Visits and degustations included into the program:

– tickets to the Museum of the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela,

– tickets to the archeological park Castro de Santa Trega,

– wine degustation and traditional lunch at a traditional winery,

– cheese tasting at a traditional Galician cheese dairy,

– guided visit to the historic Galician mansion and its gardens with wine tasting of locally produced albariño wine under DO Rias Baixas seal,

– tickets to the Hercules Tower in La Coruña,

– shell-food experience in the coastal towns of Pontevedra according to season schedule.

Expenses, not included into the price:


-expenses for lunch apart from 2 included in the program,

-bars and restaurants expenses,

-personal expenses,

-medical insurance,

-visa service if applies.


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